Wyoming treasure Jalan Crossland kicked off the inaugural Summer Concert Series with his engaging showmanship & stellar guitar, banjo, and songwriting skills.

Photo by Kendra Galahan

Stompgrass, Anyone?

Hailing from Missoula, Dodgy Mountain Men helped start a proper riot with their genre-bending experimentation & passion for American roots traditions.

In June, the series kicked off after a full week of rain. The weather was hardly enough to drown out the enthusiasm of the crowd. About 350 music fans turned out, and many danced, as well as splashed around in the puddles.
— Rachelle Lacy, Billings Gazette

Don’t make us tell you twice. listen to Jalan Crossland & Dodgy Mountain Men on Spotify


Wes Urbaniak puts fire to the gasoline structure of folk music. We witnessed the epitome of true artistry as he played thoughtful, intricate songs on instruments he made himself by hand. Wes was joined by bassist David Banuelos.

Out of the Beartooth Mountains

Satsang is a power trio creating a unique blend of soul, folk-rock, and hip-hop. The band joined us in Harlowton after a whirlwind of a sold-out East Coast tour.

Photo by Mark Cluney

Add Wes Urbaniak & Satsang to your rotation


With their meaningful stories, beautiful melodies, and powerful grooves, The Dusty Pockets are an undeniably talented crew from Bozeman, MT.

“Old blues, rock-inspired, jazz-infused.” - Eric Funk

Denver Americana

Bet they didn’t think they would be doing a one-off to rural MT anytime soon… until they did. King Cardinal boasts raw roots rock with hints of cosmic country and delicate folk.

stream the dusty pockets & King Cardinal on Spotify


Hillfolk Noir introduced us to the wonderful mix of music known as: Junkerdash
1 part folk, part bluegrass, part string-band blues, part punk, and most certainly wholly kickass.

Photo by Levi Bettwieser

Relentlessly Energetic

A Montana favorite, folk-rock band Laney Lou & The Bird Dogs closed out the 2018 season. The whole crowd could be seen singing, dancing, and smiling.

If your library doesn’t include Hillfolk Noir & Laney Lou & The Bird Dogs, you’re doing it wrong.

This is hands down the best family music series I have ever been to. It’s so wonderful to see the community brought together for these events. I couldn’t recommend it more!
— Rachael Spangelo, about The Harlo Music Project